Workshop Summit

Par · 12/09/2019
On 03/03/2020
Avenue des Arts 3, 1210 Brussels
Organisé par
Hackages Community

The Hackages Community organizes a full week of hands-on tech workshops in Brussels.

Workshop Summit is a new non-profit community event adopting the format of one-day workshops on different trendy technologies, by experts in the field and active members of the community.

Confirmed topics include: Golang, Continuous Delivery, React, VueJS, Angular & RxJS, Tensorflow.JS and ML, Azure, Software Architecture, UX Mobile, SVG Animation, Openshift, Ionic, Quarkus, GraphQL, and .NET Core.

Location: Hackages Lab – Avenue des Arts 3, 1210 Brussels.

More details about the workshops and registration via the event website.