Webinaire “‘What is AI and what can you do with it?”

Par · 10/06/2020
On 23/06/2020
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Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming a new trend thanks to recent developments by major technology companies such as Google, Apple, Amazon and Facebook in applications such as machine translation, speech recognition, operational optimisation and object recognition. However, its true potential for smaller players and especially SMEs is often still unclear to them.

In this webinar, Sirris will explain what AI is, how it works, what the requirements and challenges of using a solution based on AI are and present some tools that can support SMEs in some aspects of their own data science project.

Target Audience: SMEs that have not yet any experience with data science (or are at a very early stage of their data journey) and are exploring the possibilities of using data science/AI to solve a specific business problem/challenge.

The webinar will be in English.

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