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Webinaire – How Digital Twins Accelerate Operator Readiness in Bioprocessing

Par · 27/05/2021
On 10/06/2021
Organisé par
Ouat! - IMT

Ouat! and IMT organize a webinar to discover how digital twins are reinventing the learning experience of operators in biopharma with a user-centric and personalized approach.

Digital twins are an effective solution to accelerate the adoption of learner-centric experiences and help biopharma professionals master production skills. Coupled with virtual and mixed reality technologies, rich and immersive learning experiences can be created. You can then train your operators in a close-to-reality setting to decrease costly human errors and free your production line of any interruptions.

Content of the webinar: challenges of current operator training practices ; digital and immersive journeys to enhance operator learning experiences. ; real-world case study in the word of Covid-19 vaccine production process.

Programme and online registration here.