VR industry landscape

Par · 03/10/2017
On 17/10/2017
40 Boulevard d'Anvers, 1000 Brussels
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Interested to learn more about where Virtual Reality is today and where it is heading? Which are the most important verticals in VR: enterprise, education, healthcare, location-based or is it still mostly gaming? What kind of issues companies in these verticals are solving?

Who are the VR companies to watch? In Belgium, in Europe and internationally?

  • International VR landscape: Talk in Facebook Spaces with Tipatat Chennavasin, Co-founder & General Partner The VR Fund
  • The European VR Industry Landscape – Leen Segers, Co-founder & CEO LucidWeb
  • The Belgian VR Industry Landscape – Juan Bossicard, ICT and Creative Industries Business Unit and Cluster Manager, Impulse.Brussels
  • The most promising (BE) VR startup, Mimesys introduced by Co-founder & CTO Davy Loots (15 min)

Location; DigitYser, 40, Boulevard d’Anvers, 1000, Brussels.

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