Searching for ‘truth’ in times of (health) crisis

Par · 19/04/2021
On 28/05/2021
Organisé par
CRIDS - UNamur

Spreading news has never been easier. At the same time, the proper functioning of modern societies has never been more dependent on the circulation of quality information.

The right to freedom of expression may enter into conflict with other fundamental rights, such as the right to privacy. Furthermore, the quality of the information in the public domain has a direct influence on the society’s ability to form a rational opinion.

The right to freedom of expression also encompasses the right to notify competent authorities, and where appropriate the media, about irregular conducts which occur within public or private organisations.

This raises a twofold challenge in law: the need to prevent the spread of fake news and, at the same time, the need to enhance the disclosure of public interest information. ‘Good’ information must be put to light while ‘wrong’ information must remain in the dark. Where can we draw the line ? And who must do it ? 

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