Innovating with data: the art of feature engineering

Par · 11/01/2018
On 22/02/2018
80 boulevard A. Reyers, 1030 Brussels
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Sirris, EluciData

Smart use of digital data to innovate (data science) is not just reserved for major Internet companies such as Google, Amazon and Facebook. It can be valuable for you too. How? This will be revealed at the next Mastercourse Data Innovation.

This Sirris/EluciData master course session will focus on the art of feature engineering, a process which transforms the data and extracts the most relevant distinguishing characteristics. Even the most intelligent algorithm will not produce satisfactory results, if the used data does not capture the most essential properties of the phenomenon under study. There is no clearly-defined formal process for engineering features and consequently this requires a lot of creativity, iterations and domain knowledge.

The goal of this session is to give an overview of the most commonly used approaches, as well as lessons learnt and common pitfalls for different types of data (sensor data, location data, etc.) and problem settings (prediction, profiling, etc.).

Location: BluePoint Brussels, 80 boulevard A. Reyers, 1030 Brussels.

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