Artificial Intelligence in medtech: practical workshop

Par · 18/12/2020
On 12/01/2021
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What is Artificial Intelligence? What opportunities are opened thanks to Artificial Intelligence? How can a company make the right choices from the start to succeed in its AI journey?

Kantify, the Brussels based startup specialized in Artificial Intelligence for healthcare, who announced in 2019 a ‘world first’ in cardiology and AI with the ULB, will share some of its hands-on expertise and experience of building AI models in medtech.

The speaker, Ségolène Martin, CEO of Kantify, will be available for 30 mn individual sessions after workshop.

Audience: medtech companies with a product in development or commercialized, medtech companies with a product in development or commercialized. Level of maturity : startup, scaleup, larger company.

Registration is free of charge but subscription is mandatory.

Registration via this Eventbrite link.