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Master Course “Innovating with data: The importance of data exploration and hypothesis building”

Par · 24/01/2017
Le 23/03/2017
Celestijnenlaan 300C, 3001 Heverlee
Organisé par

The clever use of data to innovate is not solely reserved for major Internet companies such as Google, Amazon and Facebook. Your business too can benefit from it. How? We will reveal this during our Mastercourse Data Innovation.

Having a clear idea of the business opportunity and having a library of intelligent algorithms at your disposal is not sufficient for realizing a data-driven solution. Having a detailed understanding of the available data in order to derive viable working hypotheses about the underlying mechanisms of the problem under study is just as important:

•Is the data suitable to solve the business challenge?

•Is it of the right quality and nature?

•What data is missing?

•Does it exhibit significant patterns and trends that can be exploited to model and understand better the problem under study?

In the session on 23 March 2017 several data exploration approaches will be discussed, with particular attention for numerical and visual data exploration techniques.

Location: Sirris, Celestijnenlaan 300C, 3001 Heverlee.

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